Hello all! The changes are in motion and I’m starting my new job Monday – so keep your eyes peeled for our first update from that. I’ll be looking to do more video blogs during the week coming soon on our YouTube channel┬áso keep an eye out. I’ll be looking after a portfolio of drinks across the midlands in the UK so come travelling with me and we’ll have an epic time!

Memorise Cocktails the Easy Way!

Memorising CocktailsSo we mention in the podcast how you can help out with keeping the podcast going (as it costs us money to make and host). The great bonus of this is you’ll also get some incredible techniques for memorising huge numbers of cocktails that you can recall at the drop of a hat!

Our ebook is for sale here, and details the methods I used to memorise over 600 cocktails for the TGI Friday’s Bartender Challenge. I was a national finalist 4 times, and every time could be asked any 40 of the 600+ drinks during the technical testing, as well as any three in front of a crowd of hundreds of my peers and 4 judges, needing to make them perfectly to spec every single time. Whether you’re new to bartending or moving to a new job and needing to learn new cocktail recipes, this is for you.

Click here to make your life behind the bar easier and to start making more tips!

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