If you’re sitting at home and you’re thinking about taking up another job, or even if you are currently unemployed, then thinking about becoming a bartender is a good place to start. You can work whilst you train and there are plenty of things you can do beforehand to get your head around what may be asked of you when you’re on the job, giving you that extra bit of confidence needed to get you going.  

Where Will They Hire Me?

There are thousands of bars all over cities and lots of them will be hiring at any time and if it’s not a bar you’re after then there are plenty of agencies that will take you for private work, these events tend to be parties or weddings and will last only one night. It’s worth having a look around for any job you might like before applying to any, using a job site is also brilliant. If you’re looking to work as a bartender as it means you can list all the jobs you’re interested in and compare them to see which one will better suit you and your situation. Especially if you’re looking for a second job, ensuring you’ll be able to work around your full-time job is essential before applying. 

What’s The Pay Like?

When it comes to working a bar, the pay can really differ depending on what kind of bar you’re working in and the skill level you have, so there is no definite answer as to how much you’ll get paid but the average in America including tips is around $12 an hour. The majority of bars will pay a minimum wage but will boost it up with tips, this means the better you are at your job the more money you’ll get for doing it. 

Are There Different Types of Bartending? 

Now, this might seem like a silly question to some but there are in fact lots of different types of bartending you can do and it’s all up to you which one you chose. Bear in mind that some bars are quite stressful to work in, so if you have a fast pace full-time job maybe leave the busy bars till you are a little more experienced. 

Cocktail bars are a place where people go to be wowed with a show and drink amazing flavors combined into one, there are lots to learn and even more to remember so don’t think this will be an easy ride! 

Dive bars are brilliant fun and offer a no-frills experience, what you see is what you get and people come here to have fun and have a few drinks with their mates. Pubs are a bit more tourist-friendly and whilst there is still lots of drinking done in these establishments, you’re less likely to see anyone getting into a tussle or being sick down the alley next door. 

Specialist bars are venues you go when you want to experience true knowledge about a product that’s being served, most people just call these places ‘hipster bars’ because the people that frequently visit tend to fit the stereotype, but trust me when I say these guys know their stuff. Working here requires a passion for good beer, wine, or spirits and will usually leave you with expensive taste! 

Hotel bars tend to be a little more upmarket where everything has to be done perfectly, from the laying of the drink mat to olive on the stick of your martini. Attention to detail is needed with these roles but don’t let that put you off, the detail is needed to be a bartender wherever you are. 

So if you find yourself sitting at home thinking you could be doing something else then have a look into the world of bartending, decide which kind of bar you think you’d like to work in and do some research into what is required of you. If you need to learn the recipes of lots of drinks then try and make them at home first, having a headstart when going for an interview is the best way to land the job, and as a plus, you get to drink everything you make to practice. 

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