I was invited down to London’s Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square last night for Monkey Shoulder’s Revolution in Shaking launch.

We were greeted with a choice of three cocktails, all of course showcasing Monkey Shoulder, the ‘Show me the Monkey’, ‘Golden Monkey’ and ‘Morning Glory Fizz’. All delicious, though the Golden Monkey was the stand out for me, purely for pairing scotch with pineapple. Monkey Shoulder is said to be #MadeForMixing, and this drink showed this off perfectly.

Once everyone had arrived we were shown the goods. As the first part of a worldwide launch, we were the first to see the new Monkey Shoulder Shaking Revolution.

The Monkey Shoulder Shaking Revolution is here…

Monkey Shoulder’s ‘revolutionary’ shaker is just that – a refinement of the 1930s style Konga shaker with two asymmetric handles that allow you to rotate the shaker which agitates the drink with the ice to chill and mix it. The first impression is that these things are BIG! You could comfortably mix and chill 4-5 straight up cocktails in this shaker at a time, and far more chilled shooters.

Comparing it to the classic ’30s model, subtle branding has been added to the handle screws and a laser etched base, though beyond those touches you wouldn’t know it was a Monkey Shoulder item. The strainer has been improved along with the cap’s seal, but otherwise its almost identical to its 80 year older brother.

Check out our unboxing below and leave any questions in the comments and I’ll get you answers!

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