The Mojito –  while it’s been around forever has come to real prominence in the past 10 years. This refreshing cuban drink combines fresh mint, rum sugar and lime and has a distinctive look thanks to its production method. A great drink for hot summer days, if you’re wearing sunglasses, a Mojito is what should be in your hand.

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Mojito Cocktail Ingredients (Original)

  • 2oz (60ml) White or Gold Rum
  • 1 Whole Lime, cubed
  • 3 Bar Spoons of Soft Brown Sugar
  • 10-15 Mint Leaves (no stalks)
  • Dash of Soda Water

Mojito Cocktail Ingredients (Updated)

If you’re working in a high volume bar and you’re making a lot of these, the updated version is for you. I personally prefer the taste this way too, to me its more consistent than using the fresh fruit and hoping you and your co-workers all muddle the same way. With the updated version you simply build the drink (remembering to slap the mint on your hand to release the aromatic oils) and then give it a churn with your bar spoon. Simple, fast and delicious!


Muddle lime & sugar, add mint and rum, churn, fill with crushed ice, churn. Top with Soda.

Additional Information

For fruit variations of the Mojito, never remove the limes, but based on the sweetness of the fruit you may need to adjust the sugar content. Muddle whatever fruit you would like with the rest of the ingredients, and optionally replace ½oz of the rum with a matching fruit flavoured liqueur.

While the Mojito is a delicious drink, if your bar is not set up properly for making them you will find yourself struggling in the weeds when a few orders come in. If Mojitos are popular in your bar, make sure you have plenty of picked mint leaves and lime wedges cut for your shift or you’ll find yourself hating Mojito orders more than almost any other drink! In Dubai, I found myself with 40 guests (who happened to parachute into the bar) for a private party. Happily we were well set as they drank over 170 Mojitos that night!

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