Midori_on_the_rocksMidori is a bright green melon flavoured liqueur which originates from Japan. The word Midori literally translates from Japanese as “green” and there’s no arguing with that as a description. While it was originally from Japan, since 1987 it has been manufactured overseas too in the USA, Mexico and France.

Its sweetness combined with its bright colour probably explains how it became so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, though it’s less popular in today’s craft cocktail scene. If you like a sweeter cocktail though, you won’t be disappointed with the following selection of Midori drinks.

Midori’s Recommended┬áCocktails

Midori SourThese are the drinks included on the mini guide attached around the neck of each bottle by Midori, so we’ll start here.

Midori Sour Cocktail

Shake with ice and served with a twist of lemon, this demonstrates just how sweet Midori is, no need for any simple syrup as you’d add to a normal sour recipe. I personally like this with half an egg white too for texture, but balance wise this is about right.

Midori’s supplied recipes are fairly simple and designed for anyone at home to be able to recreate the drinks accurately and easily, and they do well in that aspect.

Midori & Mixers

Midori also lists one part mixed with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and lemonade (lemon soda) respectively, which are fine, but don’t really inspire or need their own section here, so we’ll skip over them!

Midori Melon BallMidori Melon Ball Cocktail

  • 3/4oz (25ml) Midori
  • 3/4oz (25ml) Vodka
  • Top with orange juice

Simply build the ingredients over ice and garnish with either speared balls of fresh melon or an orange wedge. Nothing too complex here and the vodka serves more to add strength to the mix rather than any real flavour enhancement. As you can imagine, without any sour citrus this drink can be pretty sweet, you may want to add a touch of lemon or lime juice to balance it yourself.

Midori Japanese Slipper Cocktail

  • 3/4oz (25ml) Midori
  • 3/4oz (25ml) Triple Sec
  • 3/4oz (25ml) Lemon Juice

While Midori’s leaflet suggests just pouring the above into a martini glass (mmm, warm cocktails) we’ll just assume a typo! Shake the ingredients with ice and double strain into a chilled martini (or Cocktail) glass, and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

This is a really nice drink, and used to be pretty popular at Fridays back in the day.

Midori Ginger Ale & Lime

  • Midori
  • Ginger Ale
  • Lime Wedges

Ok, so you could probably have got the gist of this one from the title. Not complicated but the spice of ginger ale does nicely compliment the sweetness of the melon.

BartenderHQ Recommended Midori Cocktails

Ok, so we made it through how Midori wants you to drink it, here’s what you should actually do.

gremlin-cocktailGremlin Cocktail

This mix of Midori with citrus, sugar, Chambord and Blavod black vodka is a TGI Friday’s original and one of their best selling cocktails.

It’s layered look and sweet taste has made it a winner over the years so check out the Gremlin recipe here.

Key West Cooler CocktailKey-West-Cooler

The Key West Cooler is another multi layered drink, this time with distinctive traffic light colours combining Midori, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Coconut Rum, Orange and Cranberry juices. Another super distinctive drink that looks great and just like the Gremlin, once you make one and your guests see it you won’t stop making them all night! Get the Key West Cooler recipe here.

Other Midori Cockails

Also on BartenderHQ you can find a variation of the Sex on the Beach (TGI Friday’s style), the glowing Kryptonite Reflex original (including my flair routine to make it), the summer holiday in a glass that is the June Bug, and my personal favourite, the gummy worm garnished Granny Smith Apple that you can get in my free eBook of killer cocktail recipes FREE by clicking here.

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