Thanks to the Brand Ambassador from Gold of Mauritius for submitting this drink over at the Worldwide Bartender Community on Facebook!

As I noted during our Monkey Shoulder interview, Sherry is certainly on the up, and features in this Mauritius Club Julep recipe – of course Rum is riding high in the spirits category right now (though in fairness, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey & Tequila all have their followings – I predict Brandy as next year’s spirit of choice for mixologists), and aged Rums work great in more traditional Whisky drinks.

From the Mauritius Club Brand Ambassador:

So… The recipe is finalised! This is our “little brother”, Mauritius Club, and the recipe goes as follow…


Actually, no glassware. This is perfect served in a metal julep cup (similar to a Mule cup without the handle)

Mauritius Club Julep Ingredients

Considering that Mauritius Club is finished in small sherry quarter casks, it goes wonderfully well with the Pedro Ximénez sherry. The later, brings the sweetness and the body; the ginger shrub brings the acidity and a bit of a bite, and Club harmonises everything…

Mauritius ClubThis is made as a classic julep, and needs to be served icy cold to satisfy the kind of thirst you get in the Mauritian climate!

A la votre!

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I’m interested to try Swiss mint – generally the best mint for Mojitos and Juleps is Moroccan mint in my experience, but I’ve not tried Swiss so I’m interested to try!

As I mentioned at the opening of the article, the Sherry is very current, so check your cupboards for older bottles and give it a try – Sherry is the new Port!


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