I’ve been experimenting a little this evening and come up with a really tasty drink I thought I’d share with you.

I’ve always been a fan of the Espresso Martini (you can find my recipe in my free ebook here), it was super popular out in Dubai and while it’s fallen from the height of its popularity a few years ago, it’s still a far superior way to combine alcohol and caffeine than mixing vodka with energy drinks.

So the Mauritian Rum Frappe is a variation on the Espresso Martini, served over ice with Gold of Mauritius taking the place of vodka. Gold of Mauritius has a great hazelnut edge to it which works brilliantly with the coffee flavours.

Mauritian Rum Frappe Ingredients

  • 1oz (30ml) Gold of Mauritius
  • 1oz (30ml) Chilled Espresso
  • ½oz (15ml) Simple Syrup
  • ½oz (15ml) Kahlua Coffee Liquour
  • Float ½oz (15ml) Whole Milk

Notes on this version of the Rum Frappe

Trying this at home without having full on bar equipment available, I actually used instant coffee to make this rather than espresso, simply by adding a spoon of instant coffee granules to 30ml of hot water to give a similar strength of coffee to a true espresso. While the drink will certainly work better with properly made espresso coffee, I wanted to try it this way as I’m fully aware not everyone has access to a full espresso machine at home (or for that matter in their bars).

I do also recommend the Aeropress if you’re looking to make great coffee at home or in small volumes, and at a push you can even use it for cold brewing if you’re a little smart about it.

I simply built and stirred the drink before adding the milk (which is completely optional) though if you’d prefer the drink really cold, shaking with ice would be great too, though I personally like my drinks on a nice rock of ice over straight up 90% of the time. It would also be great with a vanilla syrup in place of the simple syrup, or why not give it a try with other flavoured coffee syrups or even orgeat syrup – experiment and let me know how it goes!

Oh, and by the way, if you want to stock Gold of Mauritius in your bar, get in touch with Trilogy Beverages and tell them BartenderHQ sent you!

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