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Restaurants taking money from their staff

In the UK news this week there have been a number of restaurants called out for not just taking a cut from employees gratuities as has been reported in the past, but Las Iguanas have been reported to be taking a percentage of the sales made by each member of the team at the end of their shifts too as reported here:


Las Iguanas have released a statement on this, refuting the accusation, however they acknowledge that a percentage of tips made are taken to share between the staff in the form of rewards and incentives.

If this is indeed the case, I genuinely don’t think its a better situation. They are essentially funding their incentive scheme out of the pockets of their employees and then expecting a thank you – Las Iguanas – you’re a big company, if you want to give incentives, then pay for them yourselves. Its not ok to take money from the staff who keep you in business and then decide how you want to give it back to them if they’re good.

Las Iguanas are not the only bar being called out for being unfair with tips, but it does seem what they’re doing is worse than the more typical, yet still not ok ‘Admin charges’ that others levy on credit card gratuities.

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Masters of Flair 2015

Last weekend saw the Masters of Flair competition which I hosted with the West Midlands Flair Club and I was delighted to win “Best of the Midlands UK” for my routine. Congratulations to all the other bartenders too, especially Andre Lenes who retained the Masters of Flair crown.

Big Changes

I’ve changed my day job and will be far more involved in bars for more of the time. That also means I’ll have access to a bar for filming any time and I’ll be releasing my first flair bartending course very soon – make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to be the first to know when its available (and you’ll get my 10 killer cocktails eBook free when you join!). I’ll be randomly selecting some of the subscribers to get early FREE access to the course before the launch, so get signed up today 🙂

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