Mancino Vermouth Sakura

  • Range: Secco, Bianco, Rosso, Vecchio, Chinato
  • Producer: 
  • UK Distributor: Spritis Cartel
  • Retail Price: N/A
  • Origin: Turin, Italy
  • ABV: 16%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Violet Petals and Cherry Blossom
  • Wine Base: Trebbiano
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at Present
  • Nose: Rose, Violet and slightly vegetal
  • Palette: Cherry Blossom and Violet very strong, with peach and vanilla
  • Finish: Quite dry with violet and peach lingering
  • Overall:  This was a great vermouth, super gutted it’s only available in 1 place, a trip to Tokyo is needed to get some! Non the less, a great vermouth Mancino never fails to impress me!

The release is only for Mandarin Oriental Tokyo


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