• Range: Lillet Blanc, Lillet Rouge, Lillet Rose
  • Producer: Maison du Lillet Lillet Rose
  • UK Distributor: Pernod Ricard
  • Retail Price: £16.10
  • Origin: Podensac, Bordeaux, France
  • ABV: 17%
  • Distinct Botanicals:
  • Wine Base: Blend of Grand Cru Bordeaux grapes, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at present
  • Nose: English Rose, Orange, Bay
  • Palette: Very thin, with floral notes of rose, hugely strong wine flavour and a little ethanol
  • Finish: Semi- Dry, Red Currents and bay
  • Overall: A step up from the Bianco, I found it to be a little thin on the pallet when drank straight but the makes it very versatile. Maybe a try before you buy on this one to make sure it would work in your cocktails.

A Rose version of the classic vermouth Lillet. This is blended with red and white Grand Cru Bordeaux wines used to make Lillet Rouge and Lillet Blanc respectively. To Lillet Rosa Peruvian quinine is added, as well as sweet orange peels from Spain, bitter Haitian orange peel and various fruit liqueurs.

Lillet Rosa


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