Lemon & lime juices are another item that you’ll grab far more often than you probably expect. You can use either to keep the sweetness in check in almost any drink (maybe reconsider when mixing creamy treats!).

Lemon & lime juices will only stay fresh for a day or so, so don’t over produce. You’ll normally get between ½ – 1oz of juice from a lime and 1 – 1½oz from a lemon, but this will vary.

Equipment options:

Elbow press

You’ll find these behind bars all over the place, they’re durable and clean to use. As with the other juicers listed you’ll need to cut the fruit in half radially so that you see all the segments, then place one half at a time in the cup side and force the handle down to extract the juice.

Twist juicer

These have an upward facing curved and ridged point which you place the half fruit onto and press downwards as you twist. Generally these will get a little more juice from each fruit than an elbow, but the have to be emptied often as they don’t have a great capacity in general!

Automated juicer

Onto the good stuff! These are like the previous two combined, and they do the twisting for you as you press down. Worth their weight in gold to high volume bars, but slight overkill for your average barbecue party!

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