There are hundreds of thousands of cocktails that have been created over the years. Most are variations on something that came before and you can make the most of that by learning similarities between drinks instead of whole recipes, and you’ll save a huge amount of time.

Most cocktails have close relations to others. That’s just a fact. Is a Daiquiri not basically a rum sour? Is a Margarita a million miles away in terms of inspiriation? How much different is a Gin Rickey? They’re all a spirit mixed with citrus and somehow sweetened. You can take advantage of this by learning one recipe and then how you change it to another, instead of a whole new recipe. Of course, this is a bit of a simplification, but you’ll be surprised how many cocktails you can break down in this way. There are probably 100 variations on the Long Island Ice Tea for example. You’d never learn each from scratch, but remember them as variations, as differences from drink to drink.

Learning Drinks Groups

This applies to so many drinks, you’ll be smashing through learning drinks faster than you ever imagined.

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Learning drinks

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