On this week’s show we look at the similarities between different cocktail recipes and how you can commit literally HUNDREDS of Drinks to memory easily with my technique. Learning cocktails will make you more money!

One of the hardest things I found early on about bartending was learning cocktails and be able to recall them under pressure at a moments notice. Over the years I learnt many techniques that helped to retain different drinks, from reducing the vast majority of drinks down to a short formula to using the PEG system, mnemonics and visualisation to allow me to remember over 600 cocktail recipes when competing in the TGI Friday’s Bartender Challenge competition.

These techniques will also earn you huge tips, not only because you won’t be stopping your service to look up drinks recipes, but you’ll be able to remember and recall the names of anyone you meet including guests after meeting them just once! Imagine blowing your guests minds with that the first time they meet you!

Sipsmith Gin Masterclass

We also touch on the fantastic Sipsmith Gin tasting session held at Birmingham’s Jekyll & Hyde bar last Monday and some of the information we were privileged to learn in the company of spirit and drinks historian Jared Brown. Find out more in our dedicated Sipsmith article here.

Want the Learning Cocktail SUPERPOWERS?

Those little tasters enough to make you hungry for some hardcore drinks memorisation? Then look no further, I’ve distilled all the best techniques and tips down into my eBook, Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way, so you’ll cut out all of the failed attempts and bad ideas, because I’ve already done all the hard work for you! Click below to find out all the details!

Learning Cocktails

Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way

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