So, here’s the stand out drink from the brand new menu at the Reflex Nightclub I work at (and where we’re training some new flair bartenders right now), the Kryptonite Cocktail. I may have mentioned that Reflex is NOT a mixology type place – its a party nightclub, so don’t expect rhubarb bitters or any lemon twists here – but let me tell you, after a couple of weekends, this is the most popular drink on the menu, overtaking Sex on the Beach and the Woo Woo! I’ve adjusted the measurements slightly to fit our normal conventions of using ounces here.


Collins Glass

Kryptonite Cocktail Ingredients

  • 1oz (30ml) Midori Melon Liquor
  • ½oz (15ml) Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum
  • ½oz (15ml) Marie Brizzard Blue Curacao
  • 2oz (60ml) Fresh Orange Juice
  • Top with Lemonade (lemon soda)

Mixing Method

Shake first four ingredients with ice, strain over fresh ice and top with lemonade. Garnish with two soda straws and a glow stick

Where this fits in the world of cocktails

Now, while the Kryptonite Cocktail is never going to win any prizes at a mixology competition, its absolutely perfect for the nightclub it finds itself in. Reflex is unpretentious and just designed for people to indulge in a little escapism. It’s brightly coloured, glows in the dark of the club (thanks to the glow stick) and makes you as the drinker stand out. People were stopping customers drinking these to ask what it is, and that’s what going to a club is about, socialising and making conversations happen. It gives customers an excuse to interact with each other, in the same way as people in costume will generate interaction, on a smaller scale, so does this drink.
When you watch Bar Rescue and Jon Taffer is installing ‘Butt bars’ at the entrance to dance floors so that people have to squeeze past each other, this is essentially what he’s doing, creating interaction between guests.

What do you think of the Kryptonite Cocktail? Would you order one?


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