Last night in Birmingham saw the official preview launch of a brand new liquid, Gabriel Boudier Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur, but this one was born differently to most liqueurs.

Gabriel Boudier Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur

Turn back the clock about a year and Gabriel Boudier were looking for ingenious bartenders to create a new liqueur for their range, and ran a competition across the UK to find the best new flavour. Friend of BartenderHQ Samuel Boulton (who you may have come across on the Booze and Bazinga videos) created just such a flavour for the competition, dubbed “The Wizard Award”, and through a series of rounds, Samuel’s liqueur was victorious!

Gabriel Boudier KaffirYou’re a Wizard, Samuel

As a result, after a year of tweaking, tasting and experimenting, Gabriel Boudier’s expert team were able to recreate Samuel’s flavour and make it into the amazing product that we tasted last night.

One of the main reasons for the success of Samuel’s creation is that Kaffir has traditionally been a difficult ingredient to source in the UK, being expensive and inconsistent when it could be found at all, and yet bartenders had gone to the trouble to do it because the flavour itself is so very good.

Samuel’s recipe is based on leaves of the makrut lime grown throughout tropical Asia, infused in fine alcohol for five weeks to extract the full flavour.  the liqueur has a fragrance of lemon grass, which adds complexity and body.

How to serve Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur

Samuel has created a range of signature serves for the liqueur with Kaffir & Tonic being the most simple (its a delicious combination), though I’m looking at adding the Kaffir Gimlet to one of our menus now too. Equal parts of Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur with Gin and a couple of dashes of orange bitters, the drink is then thrown to chill and aerate the liquid before being strained into a chilled cocktail glass with and orange twist. Delicious!

Gabriel Boudier’s range including Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur is managed by Emporia Brands in the UK.

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