Looking around the internet we see a lot of cocktail websites where as soon as a new movie is released, especially comic book movies, they instantly release the Iron Man Cocktail. Of course what they mean is a cocktail that has the same colours as Iron Man’s armour, or they’ve found an amusing pun on one of the ingredients. We’re going to think about these a little more seriously, as bartenders. Lets make and Iron Man Cocktail that Tony Stark would actually drink.

One of the most important skills as a bartender is being able to read your guests and offer them something you think they’ll enjoy, based on what you know about someone. Well we have three Iron Man movies to draw upon as well as the original Avengers movie to get to know Tony Stark, his personality and his tastes, so lets see what we can do.

Iron Man’s Past Form


Over these movies we’ve seen Tony sipping on single malt scotch on many occasions, including showing off his portable suitcase bar that he took out to Afghanistan as a free gift for his missile sales. Unsurprisingly, given his “Genius Billionaire, Playboy Philanthropist” status, he’s also often seen throwing back Champagne (including while dancing in the Iron Man suit) and is seen to order a Dirty Martini at one point too.

Its safe to assume that Tony Stark is partial to the finer things in life, and that money is no object, so we can go super premium with his drink. Tony is an American, but is probably less worried about drinking something purely to be patriotic than Steve Rogers Captain America, and he quickly embraces the new.

Creating the Iron Man Cocktail

So taking what we know: Scotch, Champagne, Martinis & Futurist, I think we need to look to Molecular Mixology for at least a part of the drink. It needs to be elegant enough to drink at fundraisers and social occasions while saying something about the revolutionary who Tony Stark is. So here’s what I think Iron Man’s Cocktail’s cocktail should be.

A Rusty Nail, straight up  with Drambuie caviar.

Iron Man CocktailThe Iron Man Cocktail is served in a frozen cocktail glass.

Find out how to make liquor spheres here, I’d recommend using the reverse spherification technique as it makes more stable caviars which don’t become solid as quickly and will still burst in the mouth.

Stir the Laphroaig in a martini pitcher or boston glass with large ice blocks (Get Large ice cube trays on Amazon) to chill the single malt down with minimum dilution. Strain the liquid into the frozen Cocktail glass and spoon in the caviar which will sink to the bottom of the glass. Flame the orange twist’s oils over the surface of the drink and serve immediately.

What do you think about this Cocktail for Iron Man? Do you think Tony Stark would enjoy it or do you have another option? Let me know on twitter with the hashtag #SuperheroCocktails, and enjoy Age of Ultron! I’m a comic book nerd as well as loving cocktails so feel free to chat to me on twitter about the movies too!

Iron Man, Tony Stark, Avengers, Age of Ultron and a bunch of other stuff mentioned here are trademarks of Marvel and/or Disney. I don’t profess to own anything, this is a fan article! If i’m breaking any rules I’ll take it down. I’m not here to upset any lawyers! 🙂

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