A perfect cocktail should be not just tasty but beautiful as well. There many various ways to decorate such a drink. But the most visually appealing and tempting is foam. It adds aesthetics to the cocktail and complements, balances or contrasts its flavor. Although it is the best way to improve the appearance, bartenders rarely use it. Why? Because it is not that easy to make.

How to make a foam

The classic foam is made of egg whites. The egg must be organic – pasteurized eggs won’t give you a good result. All you need to do is to dry shake the egg white in a shaker. You have to shake vigorously for several minutes to get a beautiful and solid foam. Then shake it for less than a minute with ice to let it chill and become lighter. But you should remember that the egg white foam will taste like nothing. Also, you should aromatize it somehow because egg whites have a rather unpleasant smell.

So if you want to have some flavor and no problems with the smell, try to use gelatin and whipping siphon. Using them, you can make a foam from pretty much any ingredient. Gelatin has no color and flavor, but it thickens the texture. So you can add it to something – fruit juice, wine, champagne, beer, etc. – and whip it using the whipping siphon. It is a quick way to create foam without efforts.

All you need to worry about are cream chargers – small bullets that contain nitrous oxide – an agent that allows creating a foam. You need to be careful choosing those chargers since there are a lot of low-quality options that will waste your money. Trust known brands like Cream Hub to be sure your cream chargers will be high-quality.

There is no ultimate gelatin to another ingredient ratio. If you want to create your unique foam, you have to try different options, ingredients, and ratios. But you should remember that gelatin is an animal product. So you have to warn your customers about that. If you want to create a vegan-friendly foam, you can use something like versawhip – a substitute made of soy protein. You can find more information on proteins over at Total Shape.

How to perfect the foam

  • Keep your whipping siphon in a cold place. The warm temperature will result in bad foam. If you want it to be fluffy, light and beautiful, put siphon in the fridge once you’ve decorated your cocktail.
  • Don’t rush. Let the gelatin dissolve completely. Otherwise, you will end up with clumpy and runny foam.
  • Don’t use solid particles. Filter juices, poach fruits. You need the liquid you’re going to turn into a foam to be as thin and pure as possible.
  • Remember, that the thicker the initial ingredient is, the more gelatin or another stabilizer you need.
  • And, of course, never stop experimenting. Learn how stabilizers work, try different ratios and flavors, always look for something new. The key to a beautiful and delicious foam is patience and innovation. And always use high-quality products – it is a secret of a good taste.

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