The Sex on the Beach is one of the must know cocktails for every bartender. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a bar without being asked for one, and very few mainstream bars would omit this from their menu (even if they censor the name in some way, fun on the beach or the like) though you’re unlikely to find it gracing the drinks list of 5 star hotels… maybe on the pool menu!

Sex on the beach is also a drink which has multiple iterations in different bars, I’ll include a couple of the more popular versions here. (Want to support BartenderHQ? Click any of the links to find the products on Amazon and we get a little taste, but it won’t cost you a penny extra!)


Collins Glass

Sex on the Beach Ingredients:

Sex on the Beach 1, most mainstream.

Sex on the Beach 2, TGI Friday’s or Gulf Coast Sex on the Beach.

By the way, if you’re in Friday’s and you want the first one, the closest drink is a Sunset Boulevard.


Shake with Ice and Strain

Additional Information:

While these are the two most prolific versions today (allowing for slightly different measures) in the UK at least the Sex on the Beach was often made with the first recipe for a long time but without Cranberry juice as it wasn’t a common ingredient and adding grenadine syrup, presumably simply to give the expected colour. Thankfully this recipe is far less common today and the above recipes are far more common.

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