Whether your bar is a weekend party place or a simple, no-frills drinking hole that sees business only during the weekdays, you’ve got to know how to enhance your bar’s atmosphere and boost its ambiance if you want to attract more clients. But what does it mean to enhance the atmosphere of a bar? What are some ways you can accomplish this goal? Here are some tips on how you can successfully improve your bar’s overall ambiance:

Always maintain cleanliness

Even in bars where the primary source of income comes from cheap drinks and not food, it is still important to make sure that the place is kept neat and clean. Whether you’re looking for a way to attract more customers or to keep your current customers coming back for more, having a dirty-looking bar isn’t going to do you any good because such an impression will likely drive away potential patrons who would have otherwise visited your establishment if only they knew that it’s clean and well-maintained. If you want your bar to be attractive even to those who are just passing by, then keeping your bar clean should be at the top of your list.

Install dimmers on all lights 

Not everyone who comes into your bar will be in the mood for bright lights, especially if they’re trying to have a quiet conversation with their companions or simply want to sit back and relax after a hard day at work. If your establishment’s lighting is too bright, then you can expect many of your customers to leave rather quickly because they feel uneasy about sitting under very bright lights when all they want is to unwind.

Installing dimmers on all light fixtures would give you more control over how much light will be produced by every bulb so that you can adjust the brightness depending on the activity taking place inside your bar. This is one of the best atmosphere ideas for bars that are both easy to implement and highly effective when it comes to increasing the overall ambiance of your place. Moreover,  dimming the lights doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice task lighting in dark corners and along dark corridors. You just need to be creative in choosing fixtures that will allow you to easily install dimmers in them.

Play soft background music

A big mistake that most bar owners make is thinking that it’s important to blast loud music to attract people who prefer such a type of environment. However, if your bar is filled with wall-to-wall speakers and the music that’s coming out from them is too loud, then you can expect your customers to quickly abandon ship when they realize that they’re not in the mood for blaring music and instead would like to calm the mind and relax quietly with their companions. If you want people to stay longer (and enjoy themselves), then it would be best if you adjust the volume of your tunes so that it becomes perfect for any kind of activity taking place inside your establishment.

Use colors that are proven to enhance appetite

It’s a well-known fact that the colors we see affect our appetite, so If you want your bar to be attractive even to those who aren’t necessarily in the mood for alcohol, then it would be best if you took advantage of colors that are proven to enhance it. These include the color yellow, which has been shown to stimulate people’s hunger, as well as other colors such as orange and pink. The increasing desire for food will cause people to go the extra mile to get their hands on your delicious food.

It would be best if you avoid using bright shades of red or black inside your bar because such a color scheme can hamper your ability to attract customers who want to eat. If you have a food menu, then it would be ideal if you opt for neutral shades of brown, cream, and white instead.

Eliminate smells coming from the kitchen

It’s true that some types of food have a unique aroma that can be very appetizing for those with discerning noses, but it would still be best if you minimize the smell of grease coming from your kitchen whenever possible. Grease has an extremely sharp odor so if you allow too much to escape into the bar area, then there are good chances that this could repel patrons who are looking for a place where they can enjoy their meal in peace without being bothered by unpleasant smells arising from the kitchen.

One way to minimize the smell of grease is to use your ventilation system’s fan when you cook and turn it off after about half an hour. This will allow some of the grease to escape through your rooftop instead of filling up your bar area with its strong odor.

There are a lot of things that you, as the owner of a bar, have to do in order to increase your place’s overall experience. Fortunately, non of these tips require a big investment from you and can yield excellent results if properly applied. Implementing at least a few changes mentioned above would allow you to significantly enhance your bar’s atmosphere and boost its ambiance, which can work wonders on how many people will be attracted to it.

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