The summer days and nights bring out the best in all of us. We feel more energised to take on the challenges we face at work and in our personal lives, and then amongst that we get the satisfaction of spending our free time in the garden, at the beach and of course at many BBQ’s. With your summer spirit on side, you are feeling confident and enthusiastic about composing your very own sophisticated and fun party. From deciding the theme to sourcing excellent wine and choosing the features in the decor, let’s begin.

Party Theme

Have you decided whether there is a theme or a dress code, you would like your guests to play along with? For instance, you could create a party centre around a James Bond theme, of cocktail dresses and suits. Or a Hawaiian idea for flowery shirts and grass skirts! Or the TV series Mad Men, to create a retro but classy vibe to your event. Occasions with a theme will make the event more fun and give your guests an idea of what to wear.


Putting a great party together is all about planning. Which means choosing your guests (and whether you want children to attend) and creating some invites is essential to make sure everyone can save the date to participate in your summer party. For a spot of sophistication, you could choose some chic ready-made invites to fill in your party’s details on and pop them in the post box to each of your recipients. Receiving an invite by post will be a pleasant surprise for your guests.


For an air of sophistication at your garden party, you could host a traditional outdoor BBQ, but with upmarket meats such as steak and lamb. It’s best once you’ve chosen the food you would like made and served if you can, to organise if someone else can take care of this. This is so that you are free to host your party and keep your guests entertained. If you have family or friends that don’t mind lending a hand, you could ask if someone might take a handheld platter of delicious light bights around the party for people to nibble on as they sit in the sun and chat. Alternatively, you could hire a catering company to attend to take care of making exquisite food for you so that you may focus your efforts on other areas of the party.

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Drinks Menu

Beverages are necessary for any party, but the type of juices you choose for your sophisticated and fun party will help to set the tone for the party. If it’s sophistication and fun you seek, perhaps you could devise a few drinks menu for your guests to pick and choose from and set up an area specifically for pouring and making beverages. Think about adding drinks like the express martini, strawberry daiquiris and fine wine to tickle your invitees taste buds and compliment the food.

Garden Decor

There are endless decor pieces you can add to your garden party for a sophisticated, fun feel, it’s just a matter of choosing what is in keeping with your theme and tastes. From balloons to bunting, banners to fairy lights and vases to display beautiful flowers. For instance, you could create a spider web of lights above your guest’s heads, to create ambience, wow-factor and pretty soft lighting as the evening slowly drawers in (opt for warm lighting opposed to white lights). Or you might invest in some picturesque hanging baskets or nets of faux ivy to cover bland fence panels and create the illusion of an Eden in your back-yard. You can also take snippets of plants from your rose bush to add to vases around your garden. Or invest in some garden decor pieces such as the stainless steel ball ornaments to place around the yard and add a touch of modern class. Equally, garden mirrors are widely available online, and are great for hanging on bricks walls in your garden space, and reflecting the area in the garden.

Music And Entertainment

Depending on your budget, you have quite a few options for providing music and entertainment. You can start creating a summer party playlist with music to suit the theme, mood and guests you want to invite. Or you could hire live entertainment for a segment of or the entire evening. Consider musicians such as saxophone and piano players to create a classic feel or even organise a local singer to perform live in your garden space for a unique twist and surprise for your guests. Furthermore, depending on the size of your garden, you could create a dance floor area for people to dance the night away.

With plenty of ideas to host a sophisticated and fun summer party, your guests will be demanding that you host one every summer! 

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