Expanding on my article about Flair Training like a Body Builder, I’m discussing how to get the best out of your flair practice.

Setting goals for your flair bartending, not simply so that you can measure the outcomes but so you know what you actually want to achieve beyond ‘improvement’ will drastically increase your rate of acquiring new moves and sequences.

Its far too easy to call picking up a bottle and tin and casually throwing them around ‘Training’, something I’ve been guilty of myself in the past, but with The Flair Project picking up pace, I need personally to focus on getting the improvements I need in my skills, and planning practice properly will certainly help with that.

The Flair Project

This week’s contribution to The Flair Project comes from Sunny Chana, a stall which is performed palm up! If you’d like to submit a move to The Flair Project, join us over at TheFlairProject.com or tweet it with the hashtag #TheFlairProject

Video Guidelines

Vertical Video Syndrome is a menace we all have to work together to face – play your part and hold your phone the right way around!

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1 thought on “Hardcore Flair Training – Are You Putting In the Work?

  1. I think you’ll need to think about the continuation to follow a palm up stall, so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the routine. Possibly a horizontal swipe to spin the bottle into a neck hold?

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