I’m a huge fan of Concord grape flavour as I’ve mentioned before. This Grape Jelly Flip Cocktail is a result of me finding the Welch’s Grape jelly on Amazon and needing a way to turn it into a cocktail.

I’m such a fan of the Grape Soda flavour that I’ve got Concord grape seeds here ready to plant for next year as this variety is almost impossible to find in the UK. I did however find an energy drink a few weeks back that certainly helps fill the zero calorie gap I was looking for which we posted to Instagram.

Grape Jelly Flip Cocktail Ingredients

  • 2oz (60ml) Premium Gin
  • 1½oz (45ml) Welch’s Grape Jelly
  • ¼oz (7.5ml) Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 egg (whites only)

I found the recipe over at Complex.com and their recipe also included a splash of simple syrup and some grape juice, but I made the drink as above and it was nicely balanced, if a little more boozy than their version.I also chose to serve it over a rock of ice while they went straight up… it seems like there would be way too much liquid for that in their recipe.Anyway, grape Jelly is a nice and slightly different ingredient to make use of in cocktails.

This drink sits nicely between the disco drinks of the 80s and the modern revival of craft cocktails. The egg white adds a lot of texture to the drink, characteristic of the Flip family. This silkiness makes a huge difference so make sure you use really fresh eggs to avoid nasty aromas. Let me know what you think!

Do you have a cocktail with grape jelly?

I’d love to find more drinks to use this jelly for, so please let me know by tweeting @BartenderHQ if you do! Want to save this cocktail for later? Add it to your Pinterest board and follow ours!

Grape Jelly Flip Cocktail

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