Gracias Madre in West Hollywood has become a staple in the Los Angeles food scene since their launch in 2014 with a focus on plant-based Mexican food and a dedication to delicious cocktails.

To celebrate their continuous growth, Gracias Madre is excited to launch a new cocktail menu showcasing a wide variety of artisanal tequila and mezcal options. The spirits included in the menu are made exclusively from agave bases, keeping with Gracias Madre’s commitment to serving the highest quality ingredients while upholding their commitment to production quality, sustainability, and accountability.

The unique cocktail program was developed by the award-winning Maxwell Reis, who is the Beverage Director of Gracias Madre and oversees the development and execution of each cocktail. After 10 years of experience behind LA bars and experiencing the production of tequila and mezcal first hand, Reis preaches ethical agave practices and makes some of the best cocktails in the city.

Beyond highlighting the beverages that will be served at Gracias Madre, the menu is a colorful deep dive that focus heavily on distillation processes, regions of production, the difference between tequila and mezcal, the benefits of agave, and most importantly their move away from any tequila companies and distilleries that create their tequila using a method called diffuser production.

Diffuser Tequila

“Gracias Madre will no longer serve any products subject to the industrialized and chemical process known as diffuser production or support the distilleries that house these practices,” comments Maxwell Reis.

“We hope this starts a conversation with our guests and other leaders in the industry for the sake of this beautiful spirit we love so much. We’ve taken this opportunity to take a stand against these processes and educate our guests about what they choose or choose not to put in their bodies.”

Since its introduction to the United States in 1893, tequila has become the most popular spirit category in North America. This has caused a manufacturing shift from old methods to the use of diffusers in order to create tequila faster and more efficiently.

Unfortunately, the diffuser represents a method of production that can be harmful to the environment and produces a spirit that is chemically altered. This method also destroys countless jobs for the hard working people of Mexico’s agave industry.

Highlights from the menu include Signature Cocktails (margaritas, shaken, stirred), a variety of flight options that includes selections like tequila to mezcal, single village mezcal, wild mezcal, and barrel-aged tequila, along with a wide variety of mezcal brands spanning across wild agave varietals like espadin, mexicano, tepeztate, madrecuixe, tobala, ensambles, bacanora, raicilla and more.

“I fell in love with agave spirits while tending bar in LA. Although after my initial visits to witness Mezcal production first hand in Oaxaca, I knew I had barely scratched the surface,” says Maxwell Reis. “The deeper I dug, the more I began to see each bottle as a story of tradition and the land from which it came. I wanted to give our guests the opportunity to look beyond any previous misconceptions and find an approachable foray into the world of what I feel is truly the most diverse and nuanced spirit category.”

To view the new cocktail menu and learn more about Gracias Madre’s move away from diffuser production, interested parties can head here. The new menu is now in place at their West Hollywood restaurant

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