This week the UK Government released new advice on safe drinking limits for adult males and females, reducing the maximum recommended limit for men in line with the existing advice for women and recommending alcohol free days each week. (BBC Article)

Will this cause your bar to rethink their menu and offer lower alcohol drinks or increase your alcohol free options?

Podcasts for bartenders (and by bartenders)

2016 is a great year to be a bartender with a huge amount of free education online in terms of websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube. Here are some of the best podcasts available at the start of 2016 on the subject of bars and bartending

Mixology Talk Podcast

Mixology Talk Podcast – A Bar Above

Mixology Talk is a great podcast for bartenders of any level with advice ranging from which pour spout to buy and how to take care of them right through to creating your own tinctures and bitters. They also have a superb course on cocktail ingredients and cocktail design which I highly recommend.

Bartender Journey Podcast

Bartender Journey Podcast

Brian Weber is a New York bartender with years of experience who works with Tales of the Cocktail on their premium podcast too, giving him easy access to some of the biggest names in bartending. Featuring regular interviews with distillers as well as bartenders, Brian really gets stuck into the meat of the topic. Notable for the great toasts which he ends each episode with too!

Steve Schneider Show Podcast

The Steve Schneider Show Podcast

Steve Schneider is one of the most prominent bartenders in the world and is constantly travelling to judge some of the top cocktail competitions worldwide. Employees Only in New York is the bar he calls home, as seen in the excellent movie ‘Hey Bartender’ and his podcast reflects the lifestyle side of top flight bartending as much as it talks about the drinks themselves. Always an entertaining listen with awesome stories and anecdotes from both Steve and his guests.

Road Rash Podcast

The Road Rash Podcast

Road Rash is the latest arrival to the podcast party, and its off to a great start! Bartender Russell Davis (who we interviewed last year) and Chef Brian Duffy, both featured on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer host the show talking about stories from their travels and interviewing eclectic guests. Its going to be great to see where this podcast goes so subscribe now!

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