Samuel Boulton & David Eden-Sangwell taste Gosnells Mead on this week’s show.

We try Gosnells London Mead, a hopped expression and another with Citra hops and seawater, as well as elderflower flavoured and hibiscus flower versions. We also got to try their barrel fermented and aged mead at a whopping 14.4% ABV.

The Elderflower option really opened our eyes to the idea that Mead could easily be an alternative to the flavoured fruit ciders that have replaced the ready to drink alcopop style drinks in the past few years, its super easy to drink!

So what is Gosnells Mead?

According to the Gosnells Mead website;

“Mead, fermented from honey, is humankind’s oldest form of alcohol. It’s history stretches from the modern day back over 8000 years, from East Africa to Europe and the Far East. 

In Britain and Northern Europe mead features heavily in works of Old English and was popular amongst Norse Gods and heroes. However across the continent mead began to fade in popularity from the 16th century on-wards due to a number of factors.”

So are you ready to take the plunge and try some mead or are you a fermented honey veteran? Let us know in the comments!



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