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A few people have been asking me what the best cocktails are to make when someone asks you for something special, those guys that let you pick their drink, and its your chance to show off. Every bartender has their surefire cocktails that they will make in this situation, drinks that go down great every single time, and I’d like to share mine with you.

I’m not claiming to have created all of these, not by any means (though a lot of them have my tweaks that I think make them even better), these are simply the drinks that I have personally found that my guests LOVE (Especially this Espresso Martini – The guy drinking these on our opening night at 101 in Dubai tipped me enough to buy a TV!)

I’ve included some awesome shooters, a couple of muddled drinks (the Hornblower is EPIC) a few long drinks, Martinis and even an amazing mocktail so that your designated driver guests can experience great flavours without the alcohol.

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I’m really proud of these drinks so I’m giving them to you as a thank you for your support of BartenderHQ. I’m working hard to make this a great resource for bartenders every where, and even more for people who want to learn or get a job in a better bar, or even just make great drinks this summer when they have friends over for a barbecue! Please share the site so we can get the message out to more people, but only if you think you have friends who will benefit.

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