The Bloody Mary cocktail is a drink that can be great or… less great, depending on the care and attention taken in the spice mix being used by a given bartender. What they generally have in common however is the weight of the drink. They’re generally made with what appears to be pureed tomatoes, a thick and heavy soup style of juice.

While working on drinks for the Jekyll & Hyde Gin Parlour in Birmingham we were playing around with some twisted classics. I didn’t want the thickness that is normally found in a Bloody Mary, I wanted something lighter but still with all the classic elements you’d expect. The result is a pale pink and incredibly fresh tasting drink.

In the spirit of using fresh fruits and juices, here is my personal take on the Bloody Mary (for the Jekyll & Hyde I used Rutte Celery Gin in place of the Vodka for a Red Snapper twist).

Fresh Bloody Mary Recipe

Muddle the tomato, add the other ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass with a salt & pepper rim.

Using fresh ingredients in this case completely transforms the drink compared to using commercial tomato juice which is generally closer to a cold soup than a juice proper. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this drink – its not often that I come up with a drink that really surprises me flavour wise, but this is one I’m really proud of!

Twisting this Twist on the Bloody Mary

I’ve also used the recipe in the past for a competition for Distil No 9 – though that competition was based on interesting presentations so I made a Russian Roulette style presentation where the drink was split into 6 separate shot glasses, each with varying strengths of chilli sauce – a great way to enjoy some spice with friends, especially when some of them are less keen on the heat!

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