The BartenderHQ / Vermouth Ambassador Fortified Wine Flavour Wheel (Vermouth Flavour Wheel)

fortified wine flavour wheel

The Vermouth Ambassador was set up by to create resources to teach bartenders about Vermouth – Our first endeavour was to create The Vermouth Index – A collection of vermouth information, history and tasting notes for bartenders to reference. Our second project was info graphics.

The Fortified Wine Flavour Wheel is the first. A simple break down of Aromatised Wines into smaller categories and help bartenders determine which is best for their cocktail, as well as to show the the diversity of the category.

While we think of all of these really as a Vermouth Flavour Wheel, there are a handful that don’t fit the official definition.

Aromatised Wine Flavour Wheel

The products have be selected from the favour profile and category they represent. We chose 5 common categories Spiced, Herbaceous, Citrusy, Fruity and Balanced (the later being a wine with a balance of the first 4), however vermouth has much more diversity than this, Earthy, Bitter, Floral and Vinoius are all worthy inclusions.


Vermouth Wheel Web

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