On this week’s show:

Soju – The world’s best selling spirit Taste Test

Soju is the world’s best selling liquor, and yet few people in the West at least have heard of it! It sold over 61million cases in 2014, and we’re taking a taste on this week’s show.

Bacardi Carta Fuego Taste Test

We broke the news a few months ago about Bacardi’s brand refresh with their new logos and bottles, and the Bacardi Carta Fuego has finally arrived in bars – I take a taste with Dave from the West Midlands Flair Club at Reflex Arcadian and give you our thoughts.

MetroGnome’s iPhone & Breaking Bad Remixes

The music I’ve chosen for Masters of Flair (and possibly further in the Flair Project) is two remixes by MetroGnome¬†¬†(@itsmetrognome), the iPhone Remix and the Breaking Bad remix. You can find MetroGnome on SoundCloud and have a listen to all the tracks. Thanks to MetroGnome for permission to use the tracks and the support!

Flair in the Dark and Blindfolded Flair

I wrote a piece this week on flairing while blindfolded, and today I’ve shot some footage of flairing in almost pitch black with bright lights shining in my eyes – the blindfold skills come in very handy when you can’t really see much of anything, the situation you may often be in with competitions or any kind of flair exhibition work.

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