I’ve spent this weekend training new flair bartenders at Reflex Arcadian in Birmingham. Flair Bartender Training is a little different from training bartenders in general, as the way the bartenders move is critical to their work.

In this week’s podcast I discuss their first week’s training, down to the level of how to hold bottles for accuracy of pouring and reducing spillages. Next week their actual training in flair moves begins and will be a thread running through the next few podcasts.

If you’re interested in Flair Bartender Training and would like to learn the moves along with Ben & Shannon, check out our YouTube channel where the moves will be posted this week as they’re filmed.

Free Flair Kit for Flair Bartender Training

free flair bartender kit

Want your own FREE Flair kit? Assemble your own equipment with this free guide and you’ll be able to practice all the flair moves and routines

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