Created for the Bacardi Legacy competition in 2015, the Fashion Prohibition cocktail by Guru Prashanth.

“The ‘Fashion Prohibition’ is a Retro Chic cocktail inspired by our own BACARDÍ which turned challenge into fashion-prohibition-cocktailopportunity when U.S. Congress banned the manufacture, sale and even consumption of alcohol during the year 1920-1933, the company had to shutter its New York bottling plant.

But BACARDÍ did not view Prohibition as a defeat as they in turn used this opportunity as “Fashion Prohibition” with an innovative campaign promoting Cuba as tropical island escape for the BACARDÍ lovers. “Fashion Prohibition” is a tribute to all the legendary bartenders who left their homes just for one reason To keep the passion of bartending in them. I say people may forget to say Rum but not BACARDÍ.

Creator: Guru Prashanth from High Bar and UltraLounge, Bangalore


Brandy Balloon served with  375 Ml Bacardi Bottle

Fashion Prohibition Ingredients

Garnish: Smile


I worked with Guru at One & Only The Palm in Dubai, where he joined our team shortly after the opening and immediately became indispensable. His passion for cocktails and service won him Employee of the Year at One & Only before he returned to India to push his home country’s cocktail offering to the next level at High Ultra Lounge in Bangalore.


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