On the BartenderHQ Podcast this week:

Manchester Flair Social:

If you’re a flair bartender in Manchester, get in touch with Ryan Clayton via the Fresh Flair page on Facebook for full details, and share moves with bartenders from across the city.

In the news this week: Calorie content of drinks

(BBC Article) What are your thoughts while this could make sense for packaged drinks, will we soon need to add nutritional information to our Cocktail menus? Would this benefit your customers?

Ageing spirits on the fly

3 year old Whiskey in 24 hours. How does it work? Check out the podcast for details. See the Kickstarter here (Now closed)

Cocktail Masterclasses

Missed in episode 7 from the headline! This is how you can make more money as a bartender or a bar owner from your bar earlier in the evening – Do you want to know more than I covered in the podcast? Just ask!

Pisco Sour

A modern classic. Full recipe is here.

Tips 4 tips

Keeping the bartop tidy to maximise your tips and why it works!

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