Dolin Chambéryzette

  • Range: Dry, Blanc, Rouge, Dolin Chambéryzette
  • Producer: Maison DolinDolin Chamberyzette
  • UK Distributor: Amathus Drinks
  • Retail Price: £15.04
  • Origin: Chambray – France
  • ABV: 17.33%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Wild Mara Strawberries
  • Wine Base: Ugni-Blanc
  • Sugar Content: 
  • Nose: Light Strawberry with notes of orange, all in all quite a clean nose
    Palette: Light, smooth, slight syrupiness. The strawberry flavour isn’t over powering but pronounced.
  • Finish: Very light finish – Not much to report

Overall: I thought I knew what this was going to taste like before I tried it, strawberry liqueur and it didn’t at all, it is a strawberry wine. I think this has a huge place in todays market where sweet and fruit cocktails rule. But this can’t be used in placement of a Strawberry liqueur, look at offering a subtle fruit flavour without it being over powering, A Strawberry White Negroni would be great!

Produced in Chambéry (shahm-bay-RHEE), France. Appellation d’ Origine. Dolin invented and/or commercialized the blanc (white) style in the late 19th Century. Made with a delicate mixture of Dolin vermouth and wild-strawberry juice. This vermouth was invented by the local liqueur-maker and distiller, Joseph Chavasse. At one time, produced by up to 22 manufacturers. Since then, Dolin vermouth (which takes its name from Joseph Chavasse’s heirs) has always been manufactured in Chambéry. Served with strawberry liqueur, vermouth becomes Dolin Chambéryzette, a drink which, despite being 100 years old, is still very popular with connoisseurs and bartenders!

Dolin Chamberyzette


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