• Range: Dolin Dry, Dolin Blanc, Dolin Rouge, Dolin Chamberyzette
  • Producer: Maison DolinDolin Blanc
  • UK Distributor: Amathus Drinks
  • Retail Price: £15.04
  • Origin: Chambray – France
  • ABV: 16%
  • Distinct Botanicals:
  • Wine Base: Ugni-Blanc
  • Sugar Content: 
  • Nose: Cirusy peels, floral and slight orange zest
  • Palette: Superb! A great citrusy fit to start with which developed into dried citrus peels, not much complexity
  • Finish: Light dried citrus which hangs around!

Overall: After the Dry I wasn’t to excited for this, but I was wrong, this isn’t a complex vermouth but a great citrus forward example of the french ability! A huge step in the right direction.

Produced in Chambéry (shahm-bay-RHEE), France. Appellation d’ Origine. Dolin invented and/or commercialized the blanc style (“white vermouth”) in the late 19th Century.

dolin blanc


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