When Avengers: Age of Ultron was released we did a few cocktails for that and people seemed to like them, even Geek & Sundry shared our Black Widow cocktail (if you’re not a geek, just trust me, they’re a big deal!), so its time for a Deadpool Cocktail to celebrate what is possibly the most wanted superhero movie in years!

Now as everyone knows, Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth is a jerk, so lets assume we’re creating a drink that he’s making for someone else. Deadpool loves a chimichanga so we can assume he’s not adverse to a little spice in his life. Also, he has… something of a narcissistic streak, so why the hell wouldn’t he make the drink in his own image, and toss it in a glass with his face on it?

Subtlety is not what Wade Wilson’s alter ego is all about, so the Deadpool Cocktail is full of bold flavour and packs a punch, just like the anti-hero himself! Also its written that Deadpool¬†can’t get drunk, but I’ll assume its in the same way as they demonstrated on The Flash TV show, where Barry Allen can get buzzed briefly but then his superfast metabolism clears the alcohol in a few seconds.

Deadpool Cocktail IngredientsDeadpool Cocktail Ingredients

  • 2oz Wild Turkey 101 proof Bourbon
  • 1 Diced Smoked Habanero Pepper
  • 1/2oz Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce
  • 1/2oz Saline Solution (Salt water)
  • 3oz Fresh Tomato Juice
  • Float 1oz Blavod Black vodka

How to mix a Deadpool Cocktail

Dice and muddle the Habanero in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add all other ingredients except the Blavod, fill with ice and Shake. Double strain over new ice in the Deadpool Cocktail glass (or a collins glass) and float the Blavod on top. Garnish with a whole Habanero on the rim of the glass.

The salt water is optional but will make the other flavours come out more, the smokeyness of the pepper and Wild Turkey will work really well together.

Deadpool is released worldwide over the next couple of weeks by 20th Century Fox – Check out the green band trailer below!

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