Well, it had to be done. I’m currently stranded in Birmingham City centre as Storm Doris (okay, the Americans are better at naming storms) rages outside. It’s brought down trees and there are now no trains running… so let’s talk about the Dark n Stormy Cocktail.

The Dark n Stormy is one of a few cocktails which actually has trademarks attached to it and what brands can be used. I’m not getting into the details as I don’t know them and will probably get it wrong. Basically, if you’re making a Dark n Stormy, you can only do so with Goslings Black Seal rum if you want to use that name, because they bought it.

Dark n Stormy Ingredients

  • 1┬Żoz (45ml) Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
  • Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer

…because of course they have their own brand of ginger beer too. I think however, as long as you use their rum, Goslings will let you off with using another Ginger beer if you must.

Bartenders will often add their own twists to the recipe above, adding a dash or two of aromatic bitter like Angostura or an orange bitters, or muddling some limes.

The Goslings can also be floated on top of the ginger beer which makes the drink look super distinctive and really boosts sales – anything that stands out as it arrives at the table will be more likely to get instagrammed (that’s a verb now) and the bar may well get tagged, so make sure your drinks are instagramable (sure, that can be a word too).

The Dark n Stormy can be a massive seller when it’s well presented and we’ll made, so make sure you give your guests a reason to come back for yours. If you’re a home bartender, it’s a super easy, yet very popular drink you can make with no practice and two ingredients, so get mixing!

Storm Doris

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