The Dark Matter Storm is a twist of the classic Dark’n’Stormy using the unique flavour of Dark Matter rum. Dark Matter is a dark spiced rum produced in Scotland with a completely different flavour profile to most. Made with imported Black Strap molasses and spiced with Thai green peppercorns, fresh ginger, Indonesian long pepper and all spice berries.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Dark Matter is an autumn-winter rum for me, its warming and the spices always remind me of Christmas. Add it to red wine cold, and you have a sangria, warm it and you get an easy drinking mulled wine.

Dark Matter Storm Cocktail

Pour all ingredients into a rocks glass over cubed ice and stir.

Bucks, Mules, Ginger Cocktails.

Classically the combination of a liqueur or spirit with ginger ale or beer and citrus was called a Buck. The Moscow Mule, a cocktail created to market Vodka when it arrived in the US would otherwise be called a Vodka Buck. The Mule name gained a lot of traction over coming years, and Bucks became less common on menus. The Dark’n’Stormy is in essence a rum buck, but since the Goslings Brothers registered a trademark for the drink in 1991, it can only be made with Goslings Rum. The Dark’n’Stormy typically uses Ginger Beer, ginger ale’s spicier cousin.

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Dark Matter Storm Pin

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