Even the most outgoing individual will need to have their own space from time to time. This is especially true of men, who work hard day in and day out providing for their families. After putting their nose to the grindstone and going above and beyond a 40-hour week, they might want a room of their own. This could be an office, a basement, an attic or a garage. Once an individual starts to work on their man cave for the first time, they quickly realize that there are a number of “must haves” for it to be a truly memorable place. Here are just a few to consider:

Comfortable seating 

First and foremost, a man cave should have quality seats. A man desires this to be not only a place where he can retreat to but also the place where he can entertain if need be. What type of comfortable seating are we talking about? How about a recliner positioned in front of a TV? How about extra seating in case the man wants to stretch his legs? Does the man cave have a bar? In that case, a number of high-class bar stools would be warranted.

Personal touches

A man cave is meant to be a room where he can do all of the decorating himself. Is he into art? Then there will probably be a few paintings on the wall. Are they a very educated individual? Then chances are they will have a bookcase and a degree display case in their repertoire.

Does he enjoy entertaining and having friends over for game days? If so, they will probably want to focus their attention on their own home bar, and they will want every detail in place. Decorative touches such as shelves, signs, and sports memorabilia are all great ways to make the place his own.

Of course, don’t forget the ice maker either. An ice maker for your home bar is a great way to make your place a very popular hangout. If you’re not sure how to find an ice maker, don’t fret; just ask around and you are sure to find some really good deals.

Sports or Pop culture memorabilia

Every individual has their interests and things that they are into. Along these same lines, a number of men are into sports or pop culture. That is why one of the “must haves” for a man cave would have to be sports or pop culture memorabilia. For example, he would probably love to have an autographed poster of one of his favorite sports stars (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Patrick Ewing anyone?) or some great pop culture references. Whatever he might decide, it’s his room so it’s his choice alone.

Materials for hobby and leisure activities

For a man that works hard day in and day out, there is no better retreat for him than his hobbies and leisure activities. That is if he is designing a new man cave, he should definitely allow for this. Again, the man calls the shots, so it’s based on whatever he’s into. He could have a pool table, simply because he enjoys the sport and that is yet another way to entertain his friends. Moreover, bonding over dart boards is fun as well. Does he hunt? Perhaps he should have a gun cabinet on display.

Of course, there are many other items that will make a man cave a true refuge. Either way, it will become a way for him to de-stress after a long day. The comfortable seating, personal touches, and sporting memorabilia will definitely make this his favorite place to chill after a hard day’s work! 

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