Cocchi Americano

  • Range: Americano, Rosa, Di Torino, Amaro, Chinato, Riserva La Venaria Reale Vermouth Di Torino Riserva
  • Producer: Giulio CocchiCocchi Americano
  • UK Distributor: Speciality Brands
  • Retail Price: £21.83
  • Origin: Turin – Italy
  • ABV: 16.5%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Wormwood & Gentian
  • Wine Base: Moscato Wine
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at Present
  • Nose: Quality Wine, Hay, Lemon Peel and Lime
  • Palette: Incredibly balanced, a sort of half way house between a Bianco and a dry. Sweet lemon peel followed by earthy gentian.
  • Finish: Quite dry and bitter the gentian comes though a lot on the finish
  • Overall: This was a shock to the pallet, such a well balanced product, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite product on the market but is damn close! Well worth a drink or two. I like it alone, chilled with a slice of orange! Don’t stop there though, get mixing with it!

The house of Cocchi (Koh-Kee) is a Torino for many things. In 2011 they revived their house vermouth, resulting in the first genuine Vermouth di Torino. Cocchi Americano is made with a blend of Brachetto and Malvasia grapes, as well as a selection of herbs, fruits and spices with the inclusion of gentian and cinchona.


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