The Podcast is Back! – BartenderHQ

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We’re back (again)! In this audio podcast we’ll just cover what I’ve been doing the past few months getting settled in my new position with Bitters’n’Twisted bars, where I’m working as the Drinks Development Manager across 10 venues and managing … Continued

The All New BartenderHQ Podcast

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So here it is, the first New BartenderHQ Podcast! Bar Industry News Headlines London Fox e-cigarettes are planning to launch smokable cocktails – flavours designed to pair perfectly with classic drinks. Jameson is set to capitalise on the current trend … Continued

New York Vs Las Vegas Bars – The Bartender’s Honeymoon | BartenderHQ Podcast

A brief overview of our trip to Employees Only NYC, Suffolk Arms, Carnaval Court with Tim Flippy Morris and much more! On this week’s Podcast: Apologies for the delay – with Weddings, Honeymoon and getting back to work its all … Continued