BartenderHQ Podcast 17 – Q&A

Q&A: Cutting off your guest and Bartender perception Vano from Bartender Journey asked about techniques used for managing guests who have had too much. Some Key points: Restaurants/Bars with a kitchen: Sell food – slows alcohol absorption rates. Talk about … Continued

Top 9 Inspirational Flair Bartenders

When I first started out in bartending the internet was in its infancy and I was at University (If it wasn’t for becoming addicted to this, I might even have a degree now!). It was difficult to find inspiration from … Continued

Podcast Episode 7: Magic, Flair Competitions, Jugglers and Sour Apple Pie!

On this week’s Podcast: Back in the Office …and Back to work – using Magic behind the bar. – Doc Eason Bar Magic Set, Review coming soon! Improve your Score in Flair Bartending Competition I go through some of … Continued

Podcast Episode 003 | Bartender HQ, Magic and Natural Daiquiris

EVENTS: Roadhouse World Flair, UK Vs the Rest of the World. World Magic Shop presents LADs 2014 (Tickets & details here) DRINK: The IBA Official Daiquiri  1½oz Rum ¾oz Lime Juice ½oz Simple Syrup Shake and Strain into a cocktail … Continued