Casa Agave’s Jen Foley is with us on this week’s podcasts talking about how Casa Agave began and their amazing Tequila and Mezcal. Casa Agave is a UK importer and distributor of Agave products.

Industry News – Millennials shun beer and wine for spirits

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In news that really didn’t surprise me at all, Millennials are more likely to be ordering spirits than beers or wines today. This doesn’t surprise me at all, its so easy to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine at home, so why would people pay much more for the same in a bar. On the flip side, good spirits often represent a much higher cost of entry, $30+ a bottle, so its more economical to try them at least in a bar first. On top of that, a skilled bartender can add much more value to a spirit in its preparation into a cocktail than simply pouring a beer.

The Catch Up – This week at BartenderHQ

The Main Event – Jen from Casa Agave

In our interview today we talk to Jennifer Foley from Casa Agave and 400 Rabbits in Nottingham. Casa Agave is a UK distributor to the public and trade specialising in Tequila, Mezcal and other Mexican spirits. They also have a range of Mexican drinkware available on their website.

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