Built drinks are perhaps the most simple cocktails to make, certainly in terms of procedure. If you have a choice of stations on your bar, this will be made at the Hiball Station.


  • Service glass (the glass the drink will be served in)
  • Plenty of Ice
  • Ice Scoop


  1. Fill the service glass with ice using the ice scoop.
  2. Pour the ingredients in the order listed into the glass over the ice.
  3. Garnish, add a straw and serve.

Its as simple as that – the name simply means you build the ingredients in the glass you will serve the drink in. You may wish to stir the drink once with the straw as you serve it unless the drink is layered (like a Key West Cooler for example) but this is not strictly necessary. Built drinks are GREAT if you have a large party walk in to the bar together who want a round of drinks as they take no time to make, and are perfect if you find yourself guesting at a bar without the equipment you’re used to.

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