Bourbon Flavoured Vodka? BartenderHQ Podcast

On this week’s show:

The No Podcast Podcast

Its been a crazy week so the podcast I had planned I’m putting off till next week as its a great topic and needs the time it deserves… More on that later!

Everyone Loves Craft Flair Bartending

Last week’s podcast on Craft Flair Bartending went viral and got shared all over the place, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out now! We take a look at a move that Ryan Clayton (who competed at Masters of Flair) created at the Pie & Ale in Manchester. Its great that people are already using the term Craft Flair Bartending now, as I think I actually created the term on last week’s show. Let me know if you’ve heard it elsewhere before that as I don’t mind being corrected!

The Confused Vodka that thinks it’s Bourbon Whiskey

Absolut have released a vodka which is rested in oak barrels, Oak by Absolut. With a flavour similar to a Bourbon, it’s a really interesting that this is something Absolut are trying out. We’ve not tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to giving it a go!

The Joys of Small Bartending Teams

Just a quick reminder that when you work as a part of a small team, it makes a huge impact when you have anyone call in sick for work! With a team of 6 due to work at the club last night, having a bartender and bar back not able to get in and no cover available makes a huge impact, that’s ⅓ of the team missing on a Saturday night. Of course, sometimes its unavoidable, but it does make life harder for those who do make it in to work (who by the way did a stellar job!).

Next week – Personality in Flair Competitions

We’ll be talking about the old school competitions where bartenders wore crazy outfits and used confetti cannon, while today its more about technical and precise moves. Is it more entertaining for our customers now or are we tailoring our routines to showcase skill in a way that can only really be appreciated by other bartenders? Let me know your thoughts.

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