Blended is the catch all term for frozen drinks made using an electric blender. These drinks generally have a thick, slushy or milkshake like texture, and are not poured over ice, as the ice is blended into the drink itself. It includes Frozen drinks (blended with ice) and Ice Cream drinks (blended with ice cream or sorbet/sherbet).

The blender itself is normally a removable cup with the blades at the base, a clutch assembly underneath and a powered base that actually spins the blades to blend the drink. There is also normally a lid to avoid you wearing the cocktail during the production process, but from experience this is the first thing that gets lost in most bars, I can only assume they end up wherever the teaspoons hide too.


  1. Remove the lid from the blender cup.
  2. Add ingredients beginning with ice cream first, then ice, then liquids to the blender.
  3. Replace the lid.
  4. Ensure the blender cup is seated correctly and locked to the base where applicable.
  5. Set the blender to its lowest power setting.
  6. Turn on and blend until the mixture looks smooth and blends smoothly.

If your blender has a pulse function, you can use this if the mixture gets stuck, and be ready to add a little more liquid if the blend needs it – how cold your ice cream is will affect how much liquid you need to get the right consistency from the drink, it should be thick like a McDonalds Thick Shake (I only use that example as I would think its pretty consistent world wide!).

If your blend is nice and thick you should be able to build a nice tall peak on top of the drink so it looks more like a desert and makes it look way more appealing, and you can feel free to go crazy with garnishing frozen and ice cream drinks, these are generally fun cocktails, not classy and refined like a Manhattan, so enjoy yourself!

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