Next in our series of cocktails for the characters of The Avengers is Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow Cocktail. Though she’s not superhuman in the traditional sense of the word, her exceptional assassin training and spider bite tech allows her to keep pace with the rest of the team.

Playing on Black Widow’s Russian heritage, we can’t start this Black Widow Cocktail with anything but a good vodka. Russian standard is a great vodka and surprisingly low priced for its quality, but as we’re playing fantasy cocktails, we’ll upgrade that to RUSSIAN STANDARD Platinum Vodka.

It would be very easy to just do a variation of the Black Russian (which is a great drink when made well) but we can do better.

Black Widow Cocktail Recipe

Muddle cucumber in the shaker, add the other ingredients and shake with cubed ice. Serve in a frozen cocktail glass with a half salted rim and a twist of cucumber rind.

From my time in Dubai where I worked with a number of Russians and really enjoyed hanging out at the Russian club ‘Troyka’ (probably mis-spelt) where we ate snacks of pickled and salted cucumber which inspired this recipe. I also sneakily ordered a half bottle of American Skyy vodka the one night, and my Russian friends loved it, even though they won’t admit it! It certainly helped that the vodka arrived in an unlabelled decanter, thats all I can say.

Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, Avengers, Age of Ultron and a bunch of other stuff mentioned here are trademarks of Marvel and/or Disney. I don’t profess to own anything, this is a fan article! If i’m breaking any rules I’ll take it down. I’m not here to upset any lawyers! :)

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