belsazar dry vermouth

  • Range: Belsazar White, Belsazar Dry, Belsazar Rosé, Belsazar Red
  • Producer: Belsazar GMBH (Schladerer Distillery)
  • UK Distributor: Axiom Brands
  • Retail Price: £24.45
  • Origin: Baden, Germany
  • ABV: 19%
  • Distinct Botanicals:
  • Wine Base: Gutedel
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at Present
  • Nose: So intense ! This is one of the best smelling dry vermouth i’ve ever had. Lavender, Orange, Lemon.
  • Palette: Not very dry, Orange, Lemon, Floral and Green Tea
  • Finish: Lingering Orange and green tea.
    Overall: A very interesting Vermouth, the flavour profile is intense and keeps given, the tea notes grow the longer you drink it. I really enjoyed this!

The name, Belsazar was formed from the first name Balthasar, which the founders came across while creating their vermouth at the Schladerer Distillery Sixtus Balthasar Schladerer was the first in the Schladerer dynasty! A good wine is the basis for any vermouth. High quality, regionally produced wines from the regions of Markgräflerland and Kaiserstuhl in southern Baden are preferably used to produce Belsazar Dry

All ingredients are mixed together during the filtration stage, the wine, fruit brandies and must. This is when the vermouth starts to take shape – and all it takes is a delicate combination of skill, time and temperature.

The ageing process takes up to three months. The vermouth is stored in neutral stone casks to allow the liquid to develop its range of complex aromas. The ingredients are left to fuse with one another, uninhibited by aromas that would otherwise arise if the vermouth was stored in a wood cask. This is what gives Belsazar Dry its refreshing taste, complexity and balance.


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