The Bellini is an extremely popular sparkling wine cocktail (often made with Champagne). It has a glamorous, premium feel while being easy drinking and perfect for hot summer days on the marina.


Champagne Flute


  • 3½oz (100ml) Prosecco
  • 1½oz (50ml) Fresh Peach Puree

(Official IBM Recipe)


Pour puree into the chilled glass and add the sparkling wine, stirring gently.


The Puccini replaces the peach puree with Mandarin juice, Rossini is essentially a Strawberry Bellini (and is often ordered as such) and the Tintoretto substitutes pomegranate juice.

This drink can also be made frozen, and is often served fortified by Vodka blended with crushed ice and the puree or juice and then topped off with sparkling wine in a sling glass.

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