This week’s BartenderHQ Podcast was recorded live (in a car) and we’re talking about being authentic. While the conversation started with talking about local produce and locally produced spirits, it quickly broadened to much wider topics.

The crux of what we’re talking about is more about how these products are marketed. If, for example a spirit is produced locally using local ingredients and labour, by all means play to that USP. However, It doesn’t make sense when producers outsource everything and simply use local terms and sell in their local area without benefiting it.

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Being authentic goes even further however. It can mean staying true to the vision of the bar’s concept or not using artificial flavours where your bar is about nature for example.

We also touch on why we love independent bars and smaller operators, but why they can’t rely simply on being independent to be successful. Independents have to be good too if they want to draw customers away from the bigger brands.

As always, we’d love to hear your opinions and the conversations are often the best part of these podcasts. Get in touch with BartenderHQ and The Vermouth Ambassador on Facebook to have your say.

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