Tom Cruse’s 1988 classic/guilty pleasure movie cocktail has probably spawned more flair bartenders than any other movie in history. I unashamedly love this movie, the soundtrack is amazing, so consider this to a love letter to this movie that has influenced a generation of flair bartender.

Its still impossible to work a shift flair bartending in the UK at least without at least the danger of being called Tom Cruise before the end of the night, and thats because Cocktail is still the main reference point that people understand for flair bartending.

So enjoy, be warned, its a long video, just under 2 hours in length and towards the end we’re getting a little drunk… There is also some strong language so watch at your own risk!

That being said, grab yourself a cocktail, cue up your copy of the movie Cocktail and watch along with us! Need the movie?


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